Orange Field Tea Factory is engaged in low country tea manufacture catering to the Middle - Eastern market and the C-I-S Countries (Commonwealth of Independent Status). We are situated in Panwilatenne, Kandy District and are located within close proximity to Loolecondera Estate where tea was planted for the first time in the Island by James Taylor. Established in the year 1950 the factory has produced high quality Ceylon Tea by adopting the most hygienic, environment friendly and technologically advanced manufacturing process.  We are a member of The Ceylon Tea Board and the Ethical Tea Partnership and have always maintained the principles of fair trade. Our tea takes it’s pride of place in having secured a chain of record prices at the weekly tea auction held in Colombo.

Factory Information

  • The factory is equipped with all modern machinery required for low country manufacture.
  • Production capacity is 650,000 Kgs per Annum.
  • The Factory is certified for the following systems
b) ISO 22000
c) Tea Board CQC  * * (Ceylon Tea Quality Certificate)

Mission and Vision

We aim to be the most outstanding ‘Bought Leaf Tea Factory’ in the western medium elevation category by 2013 in respect to product quality and human resource development.

Our Vision is to accomplish our mission through improving and protecting the well being of all our suppliers, introducing modern and appropriate equipment and machinery, recognize the workers who are most valuable assets in our organization and direct all processes to improve productivity in an environmentally friendly ecosystem.

Grades Produced

  • Leafy grades such as OPA, OP ( Orange Pekoe )
  • Wiry grades such as OP1, BOP1 & BOP Sp ( Broken Orange Pekoe )
  • Tippy teas such as FBOP, FBOP1 ( Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe ),
    FF, FF1  & FF Sp ( Flowery Fannings )
  • Shortly teas such as PEKOE & PEKOE 1.
The nett sale average of the factory grades are always Rs. 20 - Rs.30 above the Western Medium elevational average.

Brand Names

Orange Field Teas are marketed under the following brand names –
a) Orange Field
b) Orchard


In the year 2012 at the National plantation award ceremony, Orange Field Tea Factory was declared the "Best Tea Factory" in Gampola region by the president of Sri Lanka Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa.

In the year 2002 Orange Field Tea Factory was declared joint winner of the coveted ‘Specialty Tea of the Year’ in a competition conducted by the Colombo Tea Traders Association. 

In the same year Orange Field was chosen as runner up in the
Ceylon Estate Tea of the year contest at the 57th U.S.A Tea Convention held in California.

Services and Welfare

  • The establishment of a special fund to augment the purchase of school books for staff children at the commencement of every school year.
  • Recognition of staff children who obtain excellent grades and provide financial assistance to university entrants.
  • Incentives and pay increments for staff based on performance.
  • Recognition of acts of kindness and gallantry of workers and suppliers.
  • Provision of transportation for all staff to and fro the factory.

Proprietor     : Sebastian Retty
Office Tel      : +94 815670763
Fax              : +94 813810318 
Email            :